Last updated 28/11/2018.


08:45 – Welcome Dr. Yves Lefebvre (Clinique Saint-Luc Bouge)

Session 1: Functional Urology (09.00 – 12.30)

Session president: Prof David Waltregny

09:00 – Stem cells for ED and Incontinence post prostatectomy  Pr. René Yiou, (Paris, France) download

09:30 – Failure of the AMS-800 artificial sphincter ? Why and what to do ? Pr. Dirk De Ridder (UZ Leuven) download

10:00 – Evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain syndrome. : Pr. Francisco Cruz (Porto, Portugal) download

10:30 – Coffee break

11:00 – Is urodynamics necessary when assessing a patient with male LUTS ? : Pr. Marcus Drake (Bristol, UK) download

11:30 – Neurogenic underactive bladder : from pathophysiology to treatment : Pr. Gerard Amarenco (Paris, France) download

12:00 – Is there still a place for transvaginal mesh for pelvic organ prolapse repair ? : Pr. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah (Aberdeen, UK)

12:30 – Lunch Break

Session 2: Prostate Cancer (14.00 – 18.00)

Session president: Prof Thierry Roumeguere & Prof Wouter Everaerts

14.00 – Neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer.  Pr. Dr. Louis Libbrecht (pathological anatomy, UCL Brussels) – co-moderated by Yannic Raskin (UZ Leuven) download

14.25HIFU-Focal One, Where do we stand? Dr. Daniel Benamran (Geneva, Switzerland) – co-moderated by Ksenija Limani (Jules Bordet Institute) download

15.00 Advanced and Metastatic Diseases download case 1download case 2download case 3

  • 15.00 Multidisciplinary approach for oligometastatic: Are local and metastasis targeted treatments needed?
    • Clinical cases presented by Filip Poelaert (UZ Gent) and Simone Albisinni (CUB Erasme). 
    • Panel discussion:  Pr. Dr. Brieuc Sautois (CHU Liège), Pr. Alexandre Peltier (Jules Bordet Institute), Pr. Dr. Piet Dirix (GZA, Antwerpen)
  • 16.00 What Urologists need to know about hormonotherapies –  Dr. Peter Schatteman (OLV Aalst) – co-moderated by Julien Van Damme  (UCL Brussels) download

16.20 Coffee Break

16.50Strategy for Functionnal

  • 16.50 Update on male sling – Pr. Dr. David Waltregny (CHU Liège) download
  • 17.15  Sexual dysfunction and light/moderate stress urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy: What about the « mini-jupette » ? : Pr. Robert Andrianne (CHU Liège) and Dr. Maxime Sempels (CHU Liège) download

17.40 – Patient Involvement: Opportunities and Challenges in Cancer Care and Research – Patrick Miqueu, PhD, MA – co-moderated by Erik Briers (Patient Advocate) download

18.00 – End of Session


Session 3: The Kidney (09.00 – 12.30)

Session president: Prof Bertrand Tombal

09.00 – What should Urologists know about systemic treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma Dr. Marco Gizzi, GHDC Charleroi

09.20 – Role of Surgery in Advanced and Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma  Pr. Axel Bex (Netherlands Cancer Institute – Amsterdam, The Netherlands) download

10.00 – Coffee Break

10.30 – Management of Small Renal Masses  Pr. Alessandro Volpe  (Division of Urology, University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy) download

11.10 – Percutaneous nephrolithotomy: is there still a role in the era of flexible ureteroscopy?  Pr. Andras Hoznek  (CHU Henri Mondor, Paris)

12.00 – Best Poster: 5 min presentation/5 min discussion – Pr. Bertrand Tombal & Dr. Amandine Degraeve download 1 – download 2 – download 3

12.30 – Lunch & Visit of the exhibitors

ESRU Session (13.55 – 16.00)

13.55 – ESRU Communication download

Session president: Dr. Gilles Dosin & Dr. Tim Brits 

14.00 – Help me, I am sued ! Me Eléonore De Vos (CHU Bruxelles Legal advices)

14.30 – Future In Urology Dr. Marius Stanimir & Dr. Guillaume Krings (CHU Montgodinne)

14.50 – Hryntschak procedure, How I Do It  Dr. Filip Ameye (AZ Maria Middelares)

15.15 – Open Nephrectomy, My tips and tricks   Dr. Arnaud Doerfler (CHU Brugmann)

15.45 – Laparoscopic Nephrectomy : take it easy  Dr. Renaud Bollens (CHU Tournai)

16.00 – End of sessions